RTX Leathers Origins

01/11/2014 05:26

Welcome to our new website launched in 2015. This is the home of the RTX leathers brand. The name is an abreviation of our original trading name 'Reliable Textiles' and since coming on leaps and bounds over the years making biker leathers on a small scale and building our experience selling budget prices replica leathers on various sales channels, most significantly ebay since 2005 we have now established our own band identity.

Our brand identity is something we are very proud of and take delight in each and every piece of biker apparel we sell bearing our brand name

Its not been a easy ride (no pun intended). We have worked ourselves from zero and have a lot to thank ebay from our initial days (see original ebay site feedback here) for allowing us to grow and branch out and expanding with our own identity

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