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      Diversification of water treatment equipment Effective support a move of choose and buy

      Published in--2016-10-14 16:33:59

      Now on the market of water treatment equipment is a lot of more phyletic, in order to safe water, consumers must choose good quality water treatment equipment. So let's introduce methods of choose and buy of various kinds of home water treatment equipment.
      1, if there is a product of health licensing certificate
      When buying a water purification equipment must meet the quality of our products and production of water purification equipment manufacturers are required to obtain the health supervision department of health permits, and identified by technical supervision department in the drinking water quality standard of the country.
      2, choose a suitable filter is very important
      Choosing water purification equipment, must ask qing dynasty the filtration and filter material, look to whether meet the demand of their use.
      3, is safe and effective sterilization technology
      Water purification equipment using two ways of sterilization, now it is adding disinfectant, but contains trace harmful chemical composition; The second is to use a safe and efficient uv sterilization
      4, whether to have perfect after-sale service system
      Choose water purification equipment must choose perfect after-sales service, such as adopting customer service system to track customer information, prompt customers and companies to replace filter, etc.
      5, high ratio of performance of choose and buy
      Water purification equipment structure, water purification effect is also different.
      Water purifiers classification
      Grade filter water purifier has simple structure, give priority to with activated carbon, their filtering ability is limited, can only be used as a coarse filter, filter the best heating boiling water to drink.
      Multi-stage filtration purification equipment has two levels of coarse filter and a set of precision filtration, and fine filtration with hollow fiber filter, filter water could be directly drinkable.
      Reverse osmosis pure water machine filtering water, no bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, pesticides, organic matter, minerals and different color peculiar smell, is a kind of pure water, drinking without heating.
      6, according to the water quality of choose and buy
      In different parts of the water quality of different hardness, the choose and buy senior with ion exchange resin filter filter water purifier, The water containing chlorine odor, different color heavier, activated carbon loads of choose and buy more household water purifiers; Water pollution is serious, demanding a thorough bacteria, viruses, different color filter water odor, pesticides, heavy metals and other impurities, direct drinking without heating, should choose reverse osmosis pure water machine.
      The choose and buy of soft water equipment
      Soft water can avoid the formation of scale, suitable to wash, bath, and also can save energy, is a very suitable residential water appliances. So, the choose and buy household softened water treatment equipment should pay attention to what issues?
      Household softened water treatment equipment considerations of choose and buy
      Judge of softening resin soft water machine in the resin is the key to to soften water, soften water quality is directly related to the stand or fall of resin quantity depends.
      According to the actual situation choose the type of control valve in general, there are two kinds of control valve type, time and flow of the model. Time is according to the set time to regenerate, flow type is according to the water flow regeneration, while the time flow type combines the characteristics of the two.
      Detection to soften the hardness of water quality in general, to soften the lower the hardness, the better the quality of the water, good water softeners treated water hardness can be reduced to 17 mg/l, even lower.
      The choose and buy of pure water machine
      Pure water machine is a current international popular through the way such as reverse osmosis, the raw water after filtering processing (physical) without adding any compounds to produce pure water.
      Now most of the household water purifiers, water softeners, etc will be equipped on water equipment, these devices if improperly installed easily cause leakage, such as water yield less trouble, so the owner in addition to the choose and buy good quality, during the installation process should pay attention to some important matters.
      1, preparation,
      Before installation shall be carried out in a first going to the field investigation, confirm the good play time, road of water and electricity, put the position, drainage device, etc. If already decorate good house, good source in advance without reserve, location, and it cannot be installed; If no floor drain installation position, the future emission words can only rely on basin type, so the position of the owner shall be ready to install, and related devices.
      2, check the
      Check the installation conduit, sewage, and the circuit of pass in and out of site conditions, once found not satisfactory to modify immediately, otherwise will affect the normal use of water equipment in the future.
      3, the assembly
      Big brands of water equipment is easy to assembly, no tools are also possible, before installation staff will be in raw salt is ready, so that can be installed immediately back flush, followed by to check if it would conflict and next to the instrument.
      4, connection
      Each family pipes are different, need to use what method can ensure the interconnection can be the most convenient, minimal pressure loss, the key is the experience of installation personnel.
      5, set
      Connected pipeline equipment to set up time, cycle, after flushing mode, etc., the owner shall and installation personnel to confirm your demand, in order to better set the instrument.
      6 and acceptance
      Check whether the water pollution, and so on and so forth, and then look at the soft water softness conformed to the standard, and will use a machine, to see if it could work normally, and clean up the construction site.

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