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      Why Chinese families even with water purification equipment nor drank straight drinking water?

      Published in--2016-10-14 16:31:34

      In Britain, the princess Kate's first 10 hours can meimei appearance; In the United States, each are single-family villa courtyard; In Germany, you just can buy a machine for decades or even hundreds of years; In Switzerland, you lost the front foot garbage hind someone to pick up you, clean streets can glance; In Australia, build by laying bricks or stones 500 brick earn 4000 yuan a day of work is no one to do STH. In foreign countries, even the water in the water pipe can be directly to drink!
      Isn't really should be that sentence: foreign the moon another round? Foreigners are invulnerability, water poison not assault?
      You see, whether friends or the big bang theory, Rachel and Sheldon are directly from the tap water to drink. In China, even in the "ode to joy" Andy after learned brother news "panic not choose water" to the faucet of drinking, the singularity is a pull on mineral water instead.
      Though water purification equipment rate of the European and American countries, more than 90% and has one hundred direct drinking history, they dare to drink the tap water can understand directly, and the prevalence rate of China's water purification equipment, only 2%, the average person might be forgiven for hygiene don't drink water straight. But do you believe that grew up in a foreign country's elite Andy's home water purifiers didn't hold? Anyway I am don't believe it.
      More than a decade ago, the home is not in the streets of mountains of life rubbish, rainy days can barefoot running on the way to fill the water show jianghu stunt - "home-sick once more," the water is warm in winter and cool in summer in the press, on the bottom, bear a child to play out was tired after a well water down immediately go away!
      But as time passed by now, there are several children know that there are the old "press the" water tool? Fill into a mountain, the river dried up by waste more no one dare to risk the risk of diarrhea directly drink the water in the tube.
      Some say, even if the water quality health and few direct drink cold water, hot water, warm water keeping in good health! But home e mail to say, you even can eat haagen-dazs even 5 scoop here still dare talk about keeping in good health? Eyes watched the temperature of chengdu as 30 degrees, but also when thirsty melon xi xi to boil water and other half an hour to cool the hot water to drink?
      Others say, you can also buy bottled water. But you know, five days after 11 litres of bottled water in kaifeng colony detection qualified rate has fallen to 60%, the first ten days, completely annihilated. In addition, CCTV exposed a hundreds of unqualified bottle (barrel) water, think of e. coli with mold and bottled water, how to drink?
      More, some say, labor is not to drink cold water, boil the tap water is a safe and economical. But the home e mail will tell you? Some heavy metals and residual chlorine in tap water to boil after the formation of the scale and harmful substances can cause kidney stones, gallstones, and cancer, and some organic matter is high temperature to kill not to drop!
      Water purification equipment rate of the mentioned above, the European and American countries for more than 90%, as early as 100 years ago they open straight drinking water systems, special "Europe and the United States constitution" only drink ice water or drinking habits are formed. And Chinese families in water purification equipment installation rate is low, there are some unknown water purification equipment have been installed in cheerful after found invalid hence no longer trust other water purification equipment, as well as a large part of the water purification effect is skeptical.
      In fact, the regular brand of water purification equipment can effectively remove more than 95% of the impurities, ensure the quality of family life water, is the most intuitive performance: smell no odor, boiling water again without scale. In addition, the change of some we are invisible to the naked eye, such as: remove bacteria such as e. coli, removal of volatile organic compounds, such as chloroform, removal of heavy metals such as iron manganese lead...
      If your home after using the regular brand water treatment equipment is still the effect not beautiful, so is likely to be wrong between water and soft water.
      After long pipe flow of pure water machine applicable conditions: tap water will be affected by secondary pollution to the home, especially bacterial growth with the roof water tank secondary water supply situation worse; Residential area is the old pipe water supply, idle days reuse water outflow faint red rust; There's a foreign body in the water, smell of disinfectant taste...
      Water softeners applicable conditions: the kettle, water heater of scale; Humidifier are white powder, faucet and shower nozzle clogging; Bath after cleansing, skin firmness. Wash clothes after hardening; Long-term consumption of hair yellow withered even fall off, the body lithiasis increase...
      In addition, each region has different water quality, it is suitable for household water purification equipment will also vary, choose a suitable function, installed in proper position of drinking water treatment equipment can effectively guarantee the family health. At the same time, the timely replacement of the filters in the filter is also critical, most of the brands of water purification machine has water flow standard, some with filter remind design, and even some brand and professional change periodically remind, let everybody use rise more comfortable, save worry.
      The world each year about 5 million people die of diseases associated with water, ten killer of threat to human health, not clean drinking water in it. China's more than 90% of the city of waters polluted by different degree, generally the bacteria in the water, heavy metals can not be effectively removed, can only be reduced proportion, to boil little work.
      Chinese traditional family of new technical household products generally have certain acceptance, plus since ancient times for "universal" hot water, and hold small brands disturb cognitive concepts, most people drink to the health there is still a habitual misunderstandings and obstacles. Little imagine, while we will be shut out of the water purification equipment, some drinking water safety problems have become more proficient in!

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